Welcome to 5/6/7B 

Important Dates


Year End Awards/ Last Day Of School: June 27, K-3 @ 10:00 4-9 @ 11:00

 Important Information​


Uniform Reminder:

Mandatory Day Wear is as follows:

CAPE School Shirts (purchased through Lands’ End):

  • evergreen short-sleeved polo shirt with CAPE logo

  • evergreen long-sleeved polo shirt with CAPE logo

  • optional outerwear (to be worn over CAPE uniform, not instead of)

    • evergreen zip up hoodie with CAPE logo

    • evergreen cardigan with CAPE logo

  • shirts may not be worn under the uniform

Black Bottoms for daily wear (purchased on your own or through Lands’ End)

  • jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, skorts

  • socks must be black

  • track pants, tear away pants or yoga pants worn for gym are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • bottoms may not have any decorations such as stripes, logos, etc.

Black Shoes (purchased on your own)

  • must be black or as close to black as possible, with as little design as possible. 

  • Red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, fluorescent, patterned, etc. footwear is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • Appropriate, separate footwear for both outdoor and indoor use must be accessible. Students are required to have proper footwear for indoor use as well as outdoor.  Boots for either winter wear or wet weather do not have to be black as students remove them upon entering the school.  For safety and maintenance reasons, students are not permitted to wear outdoor boots or muddy/wet footwear in school.  In the case of an emergency, students need to have proper footwear for safe evacuation.

  • Because of safety issues, flip flops are NOT ACCEPTABLE footwear.



Remember that your child needs to have a pair of outside shoes and a pair of inside shoes.

Perfumes/Lotions With Smells:

Please be aware that we have some students in the classroom that are very sensitive to smells. Please refrain from using any of these within the classroom.  Thank you for your understanding.

iPad Chargers:

Please keep your iPad charger in your backpack at all times. This way you have it if you need to charge your iPad at school or at home

Crosswalk update:

We have talked to the City and they will be doing a traffic study to see what type of crosswalk is needed. 

Reminder: Students must have a winter jacket at school. Sweaters and light jackets are not good enough on cold days.

****Just a reminder that there is no access to the parking lot for parents to drop off and pick up students at any time.  The parking lot is for staff parking ONLY.  Parents must park along 5th St SW to drop off and pick up students.Thank you for your cooperation!****



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